Unsung Heroes

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Laura Longrigg


Endeavour Press

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Maverick flight commander Randal Ivan Price, popularly known as Rip to 646 Helicopter Squadron, has two ruling passions. One is flying. The other is his glamorous socialite wife, Fiona. As his marriage drifts inexorably towards the rocks, he refuses to accept that he may soon have to choose between it and his profession. Maggie Spencer joins 646 Squadron as its only woman pilot, knowing that respect from male colleagues will be hard to earn. Alienated from her twin brother by his jealous wife, Maggie feels distressingly alone when facing her new life … and her charismatic flight commander. Unrequited passion for a girl has ruined hopes of gaining wings for Dave Ashmore, son of the black sheep of an aristocratic family.  Repudiating women and yearning to be in the cockpit, he is instantly resentful of Maggie — until a tragedy inspires a curious rapport between them. As all three struggle with their personal lives, the challenges they face in the air create a unique affinity between them. And with their work taking them to testing situations in Germany, Bosnia and Egypt, their passions and instincts are put under an intense spotlight. Elizabeth Darrell’s mix of compelling characters, strong passions and exciting action tells the unforgettable story of these Unsung Heroes.