The Savage Sky

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Laura Longrigg


Endeavour Press

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‘The Savage Sky’ is a moving tale of love and hate in wartime, following the fortunes of two proud men from different sides of the Atlantic. Elizabeth Darrell previously published it under the pseudonym of Emma Drummond.

In 1941  Arcadia, Florida, the US has not yet joined the war, but has agreed to train the British pilots the RAF desperately needs. Rob Stallard, stunned from the loss of both his parents and his grandmother in the London Blitz, is reluctantly learning to fly in the stifling Florida heat. Far from home and his sister, the former farm boy is out of his depth – and furious at the American cadets treating the training so casually while his countrymen are fighting for their lives. He forms an instant and intense dislike of the famous socialite and womaniser, James Theodore Benson III, the son of a captain of industry aiming for a seat in the senate. Meanwhile Jim Benson, under great pressure from his father and the press, finds that flying does not come as naturally to him as it does to a certain taciturn and cold young English farm boy.  A savage rivalry develops between the two men, which only intensifies in England, when Benson meets and falls for Stallard’s sister, Jenny …