The Flight of Flamingo

Represented by:
Laura Longrigg


Endeavour Press

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‘The Flight of Flamingo’ is a thrilling wartime saga. Leone Kirkland, daughter of a Marine Aviations tycoon, leads a life surrounded by males and aviation. When her father brings home an young orphan, Leone hopes to find a friend in him. However, the Kirkland males once again dominate and through this young orphan, Kit Anson, Leone’s father brings Kirkland Aviations to its height. Kit Anson, grateful to the Kirkland’s for taking him in on the death of his father, does everything in his power to ensure he doesn’t fail their kindness. Through his own sheer brilliance, Kit proves himself to be one of the finest pilots of his time. But this privilege is short-lived with the theft from Leone’s father. Leone, struggling with isolation, soon finds herself following in the footsteps of the Kirkland’s before her. Given power at a tender age and having travelled Europe with the intention of marking her potential, Leone thrives. Inheriting Kirkland Marine Aviation at twenty-two, Leone knows that the prototype flying boat Flamingo is the company’s only hope of survival. For Flamingo she needs Kit. But the disgraced and hostile Kit will no more help a Kirkland than Leone would ask him to… As the secrets start to unravel; as the country is in the midst of a war, the paths of Leone and Kit are destined to cross time and time again.

‘A wonderful story, compellingly told…the authenticity – both emotional and historical – really shines through’ – Sarah Harrison