Flight to Anywhere

Represented by:
Laura Longrigg


Endeavour Press

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Flight to Anywhere is an action adventure novel about a woman battling through life in the forces.

Maggie Spencer, the only female member of 646 Helicopter Squadron, is not a woman to be trifled with.  Surrounded by male colleagues 24/7, she easily matches their verbal banter – and their flying skills. Brave and resourceful, Maggie is a key member of 646.  Yet beneath her calm exterior, Maggie hides the pain of having lost the man she loves in a terrible air disaster, and an irrational fear that her very presence brings danger to those she loves. Maggie’s emotions are further challenged when Randal Price, the heir to a frozen food fortune, returns to 646. Having survived a car accident that almost paralysed him, Randal – known as Rip – also battles inner demons. His marriage is in tatters, his stunning but superficial wife having turned her back on him and taken their children with her.  Maggie, however, feels very differently about Rip. The pair enjoy a lively relationship, full of verbal sparring, but does Rip return Maggie’s feelings? Can he return them? And if not, will Maggie turn to any of the other dashing young men who try to catch her attention? As emotions simmer and relationships develop, 646 Helicopter Squadron continues with the day job – rescuing the sick and injured at home and abroad, carrying out dangerous missions in war-torn nations and braving mortal danger.  Until, one day, a true disaster strikes and it seems that perhaps – this time – Rip and several other members of 646 may never be coming home again. How will Maggie respond? Is this the end of 646 Helicopter Squadron as she knows it, and of her relationship with Rip?