Beyond All Frontiers

Represented by:
Laura Longrigg


Endeavour Press

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Beyond All Frontiers is a magnificent love story in a distant and exotic land. Charlotte Scott is seventeen when she returns to her parents in Meerpore. Strictly reared by her religious Aunt, Charlotte is lonely and shy and distraught to find her father cold and aloof.  Her mother Felicia, a notorious beauty and sophisticated socialite, is strangely detached from her daughter and keen to find a suitor for her as soon as possible.  On the long journey from Calcutta to Meerpore, Charlotte’s already fragile confidence is destroyed. Whilst travelling up the Ganges with her exotic mama she is enthralled by Major Colley Duprés, flamboyant soldier-of-fortune and their escort to the garrison.  Charlotte is dazzled by Duprés — a handsome, colourful and compelling character. However, the Major makes it clear that he thinks Charlotte dull and mocks her ‘blue-stocking’ mannerisms. Laughed at by Meerpore society, rejected by her parents, and repressing her love for Major Duprés, Charlotte turns to eligible bachelor Lieutenant Lingarde for friendship. Realising he may be her only chance to escape her family, she agrees to embark on a new life with him, but as dark secrets emerge she feels more isolated and betrayed than ever. The explosion of savage and unexpected passion in their lives takes Charlotte on a terrible journey through the Khyber Pass, during the brutal war between Britain and Afghanistan.  Through siege and massacre she fights to maintain her faith and her dignity, in an anguished attempt to win back the man she loves and show him the beautiful, courageous young woman she has become. In a deeply moving love story of power, destiny and loyalty in the face of human suffering, Charlotte and Richard Lingarde rebuild their relationship whilst time is precious and second chances are not guaranteed…