Some Far Elusive Dawn

Represented by:
Laura Longrigg


Endeavour Press

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Brimming with passion, colour and the heat of the tropics, Some Far Elusive Dawn brilliantly portrays the entwining of four lives as a new generation fights to emerge from the shadow of war.

Alex Beresford, the unwilling heir to a shipping-line had been prevented from fighting by his family and is suffocated by his overbearing and suspicious parents.  Now he burns with the fire of rebellion and seeks any challenge that will bring him the excitement and danger he missed. None of the prim society girls in Singapore are of interest to him and as well as being bored, he is lonely and sees no way out from the duties forced upon him. Martin Linwood, scarred by the physical and mental wounds of war, is a man who had done all the things Alex would give his soul to experience. He faces an uncertain future terrified by his sense of isolation until Lydia, Alex’s over-protected young sister, suddenly finds herself drawn to him. And into their lives comes Dorothea du Lessier, the daughter of a risqué novelist and Alex’s ‘kissing cousin’.  Affectionately known as Thea, she causes huge strain in the Beresford household and shocks the island’s society-ladies with her forward and liberated ways. But one member of the Beresford family is dangerously enchanted by her …