The Lammas Wild

Represented by:
Sophie Gorell Barnes

historical mystery


Publication date:
April 21, 2021

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It is the summer of 1100, and after seven long years away in Spain, Lassair is finally going home. Back to her beloved mentor Gurdyman. Back to her family. And back to young lawman Jack Chevestrier, who Lassair hopes still carries the same deep feelings for her as she does for him.

Before she can reunite with her loved ones, however, Lassair has a long-overdue task to perform. Old flame – and king’s spy – Rollo Guiscard left her a chest before he died, and it is finally time for her to collect it. But the chest contains more than gold, and soon Lassair is caught up in a web of danger and deception that threatens not just her own life, but the lives of everyone she holds dear.

And this is not the only peril Lassair must face. For although she’s left the south behind her forever, the south is not done with her yet . .

The tenth and final in the Aelf Fen mystery series.


An exciting, mysterious adventure.

At the novel’s centre is the affecting romance between Lassair and Jack, which Clare smoothly integrates into the suspenseful narrative. Readers will be sorry to see the last of Lassair.
Publishers Weekly