Wheellerplays -The Definitive Authors

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Sophie Gorell Barnes



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This resource is like a scheme of work to introduce the range of Mark’s work to students in one book! Mark says “This should be the first port of call when approaching my work.”

The collection is preceded by a workshop activity which encourages students to develop more theatrical devised work. This underpins the structure of many of the scenes in this collection.

These scenes encourage students to be imaginative in their presentations. Mark’s productions are staged with little or no budget, so casts (professional or student) rely on their own resources to create a theatrical “world”. Each extract, from the following plays, is contextualised by Mark’s introductory words.

Featuring extracts from: Too Much Punch For Judy; No Place for a Girl; Chunnel of Love;
Legal Weapon II; Arson About; Missing Dan Nolan; The Gate Escape; Kill Jill; Driven To Distraction and One Million to… STOP THE TRAFFIK