Missing Dan Nolan

Represented by:
Sophie Gorell Barnes


Zinc Publishing

Publication date:
April 2004

“When our Dan went missing on the 1st January 2002 we assumed that Daniel’s face would be absolutely everywhere, appeals on national TV, and everyone would be aware… it wasn’t like that for us.”
Pauline Nolan (Dan’s Mum)

 This play, based on the true story of Dan Nolan, a teenage boy who went missing on the 1st January 2002, is written in the same documentary style as ‘Too Much Punch for Judy’. It has been shown at various Drama Festivals and has won awards and commendations at every one.  It is one of the set texts for the new OCR GCSE  Drama 9-1 examination.   It has also been made into a DVD and and toured professionally.


"I can’t remember the last time I saw a grown man, a stranger, cry in front of me. As the tale of a family in freefall unfolded, slowly and silently loved ones sought out each others' hands and clasped them tightly in the darkness to a chorus of staccato sniffs and muffled sobs. A row of young lads were trying desperately to hide their embarrassed tears in front of their mates - who wouldn't have noticed anyway because they too were sobbing. The performance is based on real conversations with the family and instead of a script there has been an editing process where their statements have been fused into a coherent and powerful dialogue."
Ben Clerkin - Southern Evening Echo