Jamie in the Land of Dinnersphere

Represented by:
Sophie Gorell Barnes



Publication date:
December 1st, 2008

Jamie Jamjar loves healthy food. He’s seen how a poor diet can mess you up… just by looking at his sister… Lazy Lillian! Jamie is shocked when his school try out the new Robot Dudes (fast food servants) who replace the friendly dinner ladies. Jamie then discovers his own father invented them.

Jamie is accidentally transported to Dinnersphere in another of his father’s inventions, a Story Rocket where he manages (with the help of a member of the Primary School audience) to defeat the Dinnerwizard who is ruining school meals… l

Jamie in the Land of Dinnersphere offers a unique opportunity for secondary school students to present a TIE play with the joy of the audience being a key part of the final performance.

Probably the most exciting aspect of this production is the interactive workshop written by Adrian New (StopWatch Theatre Company) included in the publication. This transforms a comic play into an educational experience for performers and audience participants. Ideal for any unit on TIE.


"It's easy for the message about healthy eating to become preachy and serious - Jamie in the Dinnersphere does the opposite. The play hugely entertaining and a brilliant example of educational theatre."
Brian Dow - Media Officer, School Food Trust

"Jamie in the Land of Dinnersphere was a fantastic way of supporting healthy eating, and inviting the children to join in was fantastic. They were all engaged and learnt a great deal whilst at the same time having lots of fun."
Charlie Hackett - Yr 4 Teacher and Science leader, Shirley Warren Primary School