Legal Weapon 2

Represented by:
Sophie Gorell Barnes



Publication date:

Legal Weapon has notched up over 2000 performances since it was written in 1996 and has become a popular GCSE and A’ Level text.

Legal Weapon II (an upgrade on the original Legal Weapon) tells the story of a young man, Andy, whose negligence behind the wheel causes the loss of a life and the loss of his freedom. The story is fictional but uses testimony of an RTA offender and victim family. The person Andy kills is known to him… she is one of his girlfriend’s best mates. This makes his revelation to his girlfriend all the more difficult… particularly at a time when she too has something to reveal to him! Legal Weapon II is faster, funnier and far more powerful than its predecessor.


"To write a script that was so totally in the language of late teenagers was a fine example of sustained excellence and high artistic accomplishment. A hugely enjoyable and innovative production."
David Lippiett - Guild of Drama Adjudicators