The Gentleman’s Guide to Travel

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Susan Smith


AA Publishing

Publication date:
October 2013

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US: Thomas Dunne Books / St Martin's Press

A brief glance around the travel section of today’s bookshops will convince the reader that there is a paucity of literature dealing with the true nitty-gritty of the voyager’s art. It is quite plain that the majority of today’s travellers are still not doing it right. Blundering off on a jaunt ill-prepared, and blithely pooh-poohing the lessons of precedent, a young buck is setting himself up for a fall. In all likelihood he will eventually find himself in a merry pickle, locked up in the slammer or attempting to survive solely on a diet of twigs. Older voyagers, with their luncheon boxes and tick lists, might just as profitably stay at home, and spend their final years playing bingo or watching the televisual exploits of Mr Michael Palin.

Now, for the first time, a compendium of information drawn from the travel writers of the 19th and early 20th centuries, is available for the enlightenment of the modern traveller. This illustrated guide will provide you with all you need to know about “Revolting food that may save the lives of starving men”; “Calculating the rush of an enraged animal”; and “Hunting elephants and hippos with a javelin” – as well as providing highly entertaining advice on how to deal with overseas hoteliers and the importance of packing two pairs of flannel pyjamas for travel in Central and Northern Japan.


"An essential companion" - Jack Dee