The Gentleman’s Guide to Motoring

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Susan Smith


AA Publishing

Publication date:
June 2012

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If you’ve ever sat in a fifteen mile tailback on the M25, or contemplated the frightening geometries of certain roundabouts outside Swindon, you might have concluded that the romance of motoring belongs to yesteryear. But it doesn’t have to be like this. With an independent frame of mind, poetry in your soul and vim in your trousers, you can reclaim the adventure of motoring as the sanctified mission of the gentleman. This radical redrafting of the code of the highway ranks style and etiquette on an equal footing with the rules and regulations of the road. From delegating the tiresomemaintenance of your vehicle, to sartorial advice for the finest motoring get-up, Vic Darkwood unleashes his new manifesto for gentlemanly driving on an unsuspecting public.