Chap Almanac: An Esoterick Yearbook for the Decadent Gentleman

Represented by:
Susan Smith


Fourth Estate

Publication date:
October 2002

Foreign rights controlled by:
Fourth Estate

From the authors of “The Chap Manifesto” comes a yearbook for the sleek of trouser and loose of moral. Sartorius, Epicurus, Libido …these are the signs of the Chap zodiac. If the manifesto was a call to arms – gentlemen of the world unite, you have exquisite manners to maintain! – then the almanac is a practical guide on how to uphold these standards through the year. In the tradition of “Old Moore’s Almanac”, this title is packed full of handy hits for chaps everywhere, from “Do It Yossouf: How to Get your Moroccan Manservant to Do your DIY” to “How to Keep your Skin Pale” whilst on summer holiday. Each month is accompanied by a “Chapist” sign of the zodiac including; Libido (February), “The Fellow who Devotes the Entire Month to Lascivious Pursuits”; and Antiquarius (October), “The Collector of Dusty Tomes who Settles Down to a Winter of Literary Pursuits”. nElsewhere, Gustav Temple, Vic Darkwood and their team of writers guide us through the potentially tricky dates of the year, such as March 16th, the anniversary of the first FA Cup Final of 1872, with advice on “How to Deflect Conversations About Football”, as well as dates to take advantage of, including February 29th, “How to Encourage a Lady to Propose to You During a Leap Year”.