The Best of the Chap

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Susan Smith



Publication date:
October 2005

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Whatever happened to the English gentleman? Wasn’t his doctrine of good manners, elegant dress and chivalry towards the ladies once the yardstick by which all human behaviour was measured? How could “road rage” have become the social norm in a country where simply not raising one’s hat was once considered an act of aggression? When did men stop wearing cravats, shaking hands with each other and allowing ladies to take the most comfortable seats?And why?

The Chap is the long-running magazine with a mission to revive gentlemanly behaviour and sartorial elegance. From the beauty of a tweed jacket to the simple pleasure derived from smoking a pipe, the renaissance of dandyism is celebrated here in the finest articles selected from The Chap, with all the panache one would expect from the splendid fellows behind The Chap Manifesto and The Chap Almanac. From the Philosophy of Grooming to the Semiotics of Eyewear, from Stephen Fry’s thoughts on being made Pipe Smoker of the Year to the abiding horror of the ready-to-wear suit, The Best of the Chap is for all those who prefer a trilby to a baseball cap, and a brogue to a trainer. So sink into your deepest armchair, pour yourself a gin and tonic, fire up your briar and prepare to join the sophisticated world of The Chap.