The Joy of Sects: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sects But Were Afraid to Ask

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Susan Smith


Robson Books

Publication date:
November 2005

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Have you always longed to join a cult but find yourself baffled by the huge choice? Which group has the most interesting dress code? Will the membership fees be too steep?

The answers to these and many other questions are found in The Joy of Sects. An explicit and fully illustrated handbook for anyone curious about the mysterious ins and outs of religious belief, author Sam Jordison’s witty and often astonishing field guide takes in every compelling and bizarre faith system from Freemasonry to Matrixism, Scientology to Kaballah.

Few news stories lodge in the memory more vividly than the discovery of new cults and their frequently cataclysmic madness, least of all the massacres at Waco and Jonestown or the Tokyo subway gas attack. Countless films and novels have been produced about hidden societies, Satan worshippers and the occult, and for every one that hits the news there are dozens that people just don’t know about – until now!