Crap Towns: The 50 Worst Places to Live in the UK

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Susan Smith



Publication date:
October 2003

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“Crap Towns” is a humorous guide to the 50 worst towns in Britain. From inner city poverty to self-satisfied middle England, from the dull and the lifeless to the ugly and the depressing, no concrete monstrosity or phoney heritage centre will be left untouched.

This title will prove that Britain isn’t just the place of warm beer, cosy bed and breakfasts and amiable old gits that some travel books would have us believe. With burnt out cars, shell suits, cheap shoe shops and housing estates patrolled by rabid dogs and feral kids, Britain can be every bit as challenging a destination as the places gap year students and “serious” travellers usually go to for their poverty and misery kick.

“Crap Towns” started life on the website of The Idler magazine when readers were asked to write short pieces on awful places they knew and despised. The idea captured imaginations throughout the internet community, receiving countless word-of-mouth recommendations from websites, chat rooms and weblogs.