Crap Towns II: The Nation Decides

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Susan Smith



Publication date:
October 2004

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From inner city poverty to self-satisfied middle England, from the dull and the lifeless to the ugly and the depressing, Dan Kieran and Sam Jordison are back with a brand new list of towns – and this time it’s personal.

Inspired by the success of the contentious survey, published in The Idler and in book form in Boxtree’s smash hit Crap Towns, residents of the original 50 towns, along with plenty of new towns will have their say in Crap Towns II: To Hull and Back on why Britain isn’t just the place of warm beer, cosy bed and breakfasts and amiable old gits that some travel books would have us believe. This brand new list of 50 towns will include new entries, non-movers and a new number one based on the public’s reaction to the burnt out cars, shell suits, cheap shoe shops and housing estates patrolled by rabid dogs and feral kids that scar the face of this glorious kingdom. Are the disgruntled residents of Hull right to consider their town the worst place to live in the country? Crap Towns II will find out.