Sod That: 103 Things Not to Do Before You Die

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Susan Smith



Publication date:
September 2008

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For anyone who is fed up of being told what to do with their time, or made to feel inferior because they don’t want to fly half way round the planet on the off chance that a dolphin might swim somewhere their vicinity, this is the perfect book. A slacker’s bible, it is the anti-list book in a world where we are surrounded with too many lists – ‘101 Things to Buy’, ’50 Things to do in Keighley’ – offering us all too many very avoidable treats.

Who has the time to read all these lists, let alone follow up on the suggestions? Is it really such a good idea to touch a tiger? All these ludicrous suggestions should be treated with the contempt they deserve. In short, this is a very funny rallying call for common sense and dignified indolence rather than wasteful over-activity. Now comes the final and best list book of all time, easily trumping those books with 100 or 101 things to do, as Life’s Too Short comes up with the top 103 things not to do. You know it makes sense.