No Cure for Love



Publication date:
April 2018

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An absorbing, thrilling and romantic historical saga with characters you’ll fall in love with

Ellen O’Casey, an Irish Catholic immigrant, is struggling to support her ailing mother, her teenage daughter and herself. Washing other people’s laundry in the day, and singing in bawdy pubs at night, Ellen is determined to make a better life for her family by saving enough for the passage to New York where the rest of her extended family have already emigrated. But Danny Donovan, a local gangster and the landlord of the pubs where Ellen sings, intends to make her his mistress but she doggedly resists his advances.

When Ellen catches the eye of the new doctor in town, Robert Munroe, an intense rivalry is formed between the doctor and Danny. For not only are Robert’s feelings for Ellen reciprocated, but the ambitious doctor also intends to investigate the appalling living conditions of the local community and Danny’s own hand in it. But as Ellen and Robert become closer and aim to bring an end to Danny’s reign of terror, their own chance at happiness seems suddenly to be at stake…


'The winner of the Harry Bowling award shows much of the master's touch in this heartwarming East End story.' Evening Telegraph

'Two star-crossed lovers, a brutish villain - I was truly gripped by Jean Fullerton's wonderful first novel. The background was extraordinarily good, and I am already looking forward to her next.' Maureen Lee

'A love story with fantastic historical detail' Northern Echo

'An atmospheric romantic drama with strong characters' Telegraph and Argus