A Glimpse at Happiness

Represented by:
Laura Longrigg



Publication date:
April 2018

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When Josie O’Casey returns to London after twelve years in America, she is overjoyed to discover that her childhood sweetheart, Patrick Nolan, whom she had believed to be dead, is alive and well. But Josie’s happiness is short-lived – Patrick now belongs to another. Heartbroken, Josie vows to forget about Patrick and settle back into life in the East End. But the East End that Josie knew as a child is much changed. While Josie can remember only too clearly her poverty-stricken upbringing, her family’s social standing has vastly improved since they’ve been away. And there are some who resent that Josie left behind the slums of London to return as a lady. Torn between two worlds, Josie is still drawn back to her childhood haunts – and to Patrick.

When the couple are finally offered a glimmer of hope, their chance at happiness is threatened by the all-powerful Ma Tugman and her criminal empire. Now Josie must decide if she is willing to forsake everything for the man she loves…


'I'm certain that Jean Fullerton's second East End saga will delight her growing legion of fans.' Dilly Court

'Jean has done something very rare with her second book - she has equaled her first effortlessly! A GLIMPSE AT HAPPINESS - a fearless romantic adventure - keeps you on the edge of your seat till the last page is turned. Set in the mean streets of East London her storytelling leaves a potent memory that will be with the reader forever.' Carol Rivers

'The winner of the Harry Bowling award shows much of the master's touch in this heartwarming East End story.' Evening Telegraph 

'A gripping historical saga' Essex Life