All Change for Nurse Millie



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London, 1948, and the nurses of the East End are getting ready for an eventful time ahead… Millie is settling into married life with her husband, MP Jim Smith, and is trying to balance her duties as a wife with her healthcare duties to the people of the East End. Swept up in the expectations that go hand-in-hand with Jim’s blossoming political career, Millie begins to wonder how much longer she’ll be able to continue in the job she loves. Her patients need a nurse and midwife but who needs Millie more? And in the end, will the decision even be hers to make? When a familiar face from the past makes an appearance, and dark secrets from her home life come to light, it’s all change for Nurse Millie. But will she get the happy ending that she deserves?


"A beautifully written sequel that gives you a fab insight into the life of a nurse in London’s East End in the ‘40s" Closer Magazine