We’re British, Innit

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Unlike the Government’s Citizenship Test, this is the real measure of Britishness. Written in a snappy A-Z format, Iain Aitch takes you through all things British in a funny, evocative way. Whether it’s fish and chips, James Bond, red telephone boxes or white dog poo, everything you’ve ever regarded as being uniquely British is within these pages and guaranteed to bring a smile of recognition to even the stiffest of upper lips. With more style than Jarvis Cocker’s moves and more pomp than Elgar’s masterpiece, Iain Aitch celebrates all that is truly glorious about good old Blighty. A book for the entire British population – Northerner, Southerner, and even tourist and immigrant alike – this is the perfect read for someone looking for the truly British experience. Aitch gives us the real Britain, not one filtered through the eyes of civil servants or politicians. This is the dictionary of the Britain that you affectionately know and love. From asbos to garden gnomes; Tennent’s Super to tube maps; to socks and sandals; and spam and Smash potato, this is the most definitive list yet created that encapsulates the sights, sounds and even smells that make Britain what it is today.

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