A Fete Worse Than Death

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…in which Iain Aitch spends the summer months travelling from Margate to Manchester, and Colchester to Carlisle, examining the bizarre array of hobbies, pastimes, fêtes, festivals and fights that occupy the English in their time off. Along the way he examines the strange world of re-enactments and finds out just why grown men would choose to pretend to be members of the Luftwaffe at the weekend; especially when they don’t own any aeroplanes. He also finds out what their counterparts in the RAF re-enactment societies think of these mock-Nazis. As he travels around the country, Iain uncovers further groups of hobbyists whose interests directly conflict, such as those who enjoy the summer pursuit of crop circle-making and those who believe these are an alien phenomenon. He also follows the modern hippie trail to Stonehenge to see what draws dreadlocked twenty-somethings to the Druid’s haunt and what the Druids make of it all. Like a very English Holidays in Hell, this book informs, amuses and leaves the reader with a strange compulsion to visit the sites Iain passes through. It also light-heartedly examines what it is to be English in the 21st century.


"A hilarious Bill Bryson-meets-Hunter S. Thompson travelogue". Guardian 

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