Tony Benn – A Biography

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Diana Tyler


Biteback (reissue of 1992 publication by Macmillan)

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Tony Benn has been portrayed as both hero and villain, as a creative and as a destructive force. This comprehensively revised edition of Jad Adams’s classic biography, is written with unparalleled access to Benn’s private records, and describes the long and turbulent career of one of the most charismatic politicians of the last hundred years. The first biography to have been written with full access to the Benn archives chronicles the behind-the-scenes story of Benn’s bitter battles with every leader of the Labour Party since Gaitskell. It details his service in the governments of Wilson and Callaghan, his role as a champion of the left during the Labout Party’s long period in opposition, his retirement from Parliament, to spend more time involved in politicsA” in 2001, and his subsequent emergence as a leading figure of the British opposition to the war in Iraq.


"Benn's character shines through this fat but very readable biography" Daily Telegraph"Told with considerable grace and style" Sunday Times"Fascinating reading" Daily Express