Gandhi: Naked Ambition

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Diana Tyler



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Born in 1869, at the high noon of Britain’s imperial dominion over India, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi became the dominant political and spiritual leader of his country’s independence movement in the early decades of the twentieth century. His campaigns for complete Indian self-government, based on civil disobedience and non-violence, brought India to independence in 1947, and have since provided inspiration for civil rights and liberation movements the world over. As well as delineating Gandhi’s political career, Jad Adams explores the many contradictions of this most complex of men: a lifelong pacifist whose treatment of his wife and sons bordered on cruelty; a self-denying ascetic who preached the virtues of chastity in marriage yet experienced a high degree of intimate female contact; a political radical whose resistance to racism and appreciation of the value of all religions strike a thoroughly modern note, but whose vision of India was the almost medieval one of a village nation sustained by farming, spinning and weaving. A concise, elegant and masterly account of one of the seminal figures of twentieth-century history, GANDHI lays bare the achievements, philosophy and legacy – both political and spiritual – of a man whose life may truly be said to have changed the world.