San Carlos

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It’s 1989 and under the searing Ibizan sun two strangers look for answers among the holiday-makers. Over seven days their lives are pulled together when dark pasts emerge from behind the island’s sun-soaked beauty. Craig Turner is a 23-year-old former right-wing extremist living under the Witness Protection Scheme. After providing the evidence to dismantle a fascist movement that threatened to swamp the north of England, he’s hiding in Peterborough with a new name and a dying relationship. A holiday in Ibiza offers a brief escape. Ana is a beautiful Hungarian working in a hotel bar at night and spending her days scouring the island for the ageing German who looms large over her family’s history. Together, Ana and Craig form a delicate and surprisingly tender alliance until his past catches up with them both. Gripping and moving in equal parts, SAN CARLOS is an exciting new novel that packs an explosive punch.


“The Bob Servant author shows a very different side to his talents. A pacy, unpretentious thriller with themes of redemption and revenge and well-drawn, memorable characters” The Herald
“Now and then a novel creeps up on you, grabs you by the neck and gives you a thoroughly good shaking. Making horrible characters interesting, is a high art and Neil Forsyth has done just that. A stylish, period thriller – it’s set in 1989 – coupled with an unlikely love story.” Daily Mirror, Book of the Week
“Forsyth’s new novel manages to combine suspense, humour and romance into a thoroughly enjoyable read. Punchy but utterly absorbing and the setting is so good you can practically feel the sun on your neck”

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