Have Love Will Travel

Represented by:
Susan Smith


Black Swan

Publication date:
August 2005

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Jane Darling works in the tourist office in Edinburgh, helping the lost, the confused and the plain stupid. But she’s the one who needs a map. Her life is going nowhere, she hates Edinburgh, her workmates are a bunch of lunatics, and if anyone asks ‘How long is the Royal Mile?’ one more time, she’ll scream.

Then, one day, Jane finds a diary on a train, containing a photo of a handsome man and the innermost thoughts of someone called Richard Miles. Jane, starved of entertainment and romance, is intrigued, and becomes convinced that he is her ideal man. As she sets off to find him, using the flimsy evidence in the diary, Jane finally gets to embark on an exciting adventure of her own. The question is, will Prince Charming be at the end of the line, or is she heading in the completely wrong direction?

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