Coming Apart At The Seams

Represented by:
Susan Smith


Black Swan

Publication date:
August 2006

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French: Albin Michel

Do you believe that your life has a pattern? Evie does. She’s going to Glasgow to be a seamstress, creating stunning dresses like Audrey Hepburn used to wear. She’s also escaping from her ridiculous, crazed bohemian parents. They think she takes life far too seriously – but surely someone in the family has to be a grown-up?

Glasgow isn’t quite what Evie expected: snotty fashionista people, a volatile landlady and a gorgeous moody boy who’s proving to be a complete distraction – none of this is part of the tailor-made plan. It’s not long before Evie realises that she hasn’t exactly got things sewn up…will it all unravel before her eyes?

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