The Unfortunates

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Diana Tyler



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November 2017

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Quidam: France

A football reporter is sent to a Midlands city on a routine assignment. On arrival, he is forced to admit to himself something he has been previously shutting out of his mind, that his dead friend and his wife had lived there.


The Top Ten Books of 2008. "You'll fall in love with...the honest, human portrait...of a friend dying of cancer."
-- Sam Anderson

His most daring work. The book's design mirrors...a mind trying to comprehend the complexity of human loss. -- Thomas McGonigle

'Generous in its characterization and emotional engagement...uncomfortably honest, wholly unpretentious autobiography.' -- John Lingan

'His writing is emotionally forthright, even if it is formally refracted. Excellent introduction written by Jonathan Coe. '-- Linden Park

Beautifully reprinted with an invaluable introductory essay ... The Unfortunates allows us a peculiar feeling of discovery. --Josef Braun"

'Far from some modernist stunt, the form of the book dovetails beautifully with Johnson's subject-the accidental yet persistent nature of memory....This book, with no belief in God, no hope of heaven, makes you feel the stuff of life as sacred, and our inability to hold on to it as damnation enough for anyone to be made to bear.'--Charles Taylor

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