The Complete Guide to IVF: An Insider’s Guide to Fertility Clinics and Treatment

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Diana Tyler



Publication date:
April 2009

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The most recent studies show that 40,000 cycles of IVF are carried out in the UK each year – and approximately a million are carried out worldwide. It is estimated that at least 200,000 IVF babies are born annually – and this figure is constantly rising. With assisted conception increasing year on year, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO IVF offers an invaluable and insightful approach to the process.

Packed with first-hand accounts of patients who have been through it, and Kate Brian’s own experience of IVF, this book will de-mystify the treatment and give a ‘behind-the-scenes’ account of what really happens. Addressing the entire experience, right from the initial clinic visit through to the assisted conception cycle, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO IVF provides an accessible, down-to-earth and reassuring account of using IVF to conceive.