Pedlars’ Guide to the Great Outdoors

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Susan Smith


Square Peg

Publication date:
August 2012

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Square Peg

If the mere whisper of a relaxing weekend in the country has your offspring moaning and groaning, refusing to leave the warm glow of the TV, then this is the book to quell the quarrels. Containing irreverent (and eminently useful) tips on the outdoors lifestyle, and how to teach your children to enjoy it, the Pedlars’ Guide to the Great Outdoors is the perfect handbook for reinvigorating your inner spirit – no matter your age. From the perfect country walk (take pork pies and a hip flask of red wine); outdoorsy family games (be anarchic, but be careful when your wife is wielding a croquet mallet); dealing with ticks (it’s all about vodka) – and tips for dazzling barbecues (scallops, venison and mud-baked potatoes). Moving from the city and launching themselves into country life, the Gladstones learnt everything they know through a great love for the outdoors. And if the Gladstones don’t know it first hand, they know someone who does. The guidebook is studded with chatty, first-person interviews on topics as varied as wild camping, bee-keeping and bridge-building (all stories told with a bit of an edge). It’s the Great Outdoors – but a bit rock ‘n’ roll.


"Dear fellow parent - if you, like me, sometimes despair of the irresistible magnetism the iPad or Wii has for your child and the brain scramblement and stagnating passivity that it incurs, let alone the social isolation that it promotes, BUY this book, read it and get excited. It is full of inspiring ideas to lure your offspring away from the screen and into the great outdoors, to reconnect with nature, their siblings, parents, and be ALIVE."       Helena Bonham Carter"

"As an Australian the idea that anyone can do a better job at cooking outdoors than us is anathema... but, darn it, the Gladstones have done it, without the flies and sunburn."         Bill Granger

"If YOU had six kids you'd kick them out of the house wouldn't you? That's what the Gladstones do - but they kick themselves out too... For non-stop old-fashioned outdoor fun and excitement, this is the book to buy. The Gladstones are The Gurus of The Great Outdoors". Harry Enfield