Natural Flights of the Human Mind

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Peter Straker lives alone in a disused lighthouse on the Exmouth coast. He is a man obsessed with numbers: or more particularly one number: 78. In his dreams this number translates into people, of all sorts and shapes and sizes who know and communicate with him. All these people have been dead for 24 years and Straker thinks he killed them.

Imogen Doody inherits a cottage in a small village near Straker’s lighthouse. This is the first good thing that has happened to Imogen since her shortlived marriage many years ago: her husband Harry went to work as normal one day and never came back. The cottage is extremely neglected and dilapidated; she needs help restoring it.

The story of Straker and Doody is truly astounding; from heartbreak and loneliness come recovery, hope and above all an affirmation of the essential goodness of the human spirit.


"A powerful reflection on shame, revenge and the consequences of our actions. Like a latter-day George Eliot...Morrall confirms herself as a writer of real talent".Daily Mail
"Clare Morrall is in complete command of her complex material. She maintains the tension throughout the twists and flashbacks in the plot, constantly springing surprises... (a) haunting book."TLS
"Absorbing and sure-footed... Extremely well written and compulsively readable."Sunday Times

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