Letters to Sarah

Represented by:
David Riding


John Blake

Publication date:
July 2017

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‘It has been seventeen years since you went missing, princess. It has been twenty-five years since you were born. There have been too many Christmases without you …’

In the summer of 2000, schoolgirl Sarah Payne went missing from a beach where she played with her siblings. The nation waited with her whole family as the search for the little girl touched the hearts of everyone in the country. After Sarah’s body was found – abducted and murdered by convicted paedophile Roy Whiting – her mother, Sara, spoke of how she had survived those terrible times.

Now, seventeen years later, Sara wants to tell the full story of how she coped then, and how she has survived. Through a series of letters to her beloved daughter, she takes the reader on a heart-breaking but uplifting journey through every parent’s worst nightmare in a moving account of the ultimate emotional survival. It is a story for the little girl who was taken, but a reminder to us all that hope never dies – and love never ends.

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