It’s a Vet’s Life

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Laura Longrigg



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Long, irregular hours; occasional risk of injury; often smelly and dirty. Job satisfaction guaranteed. This is the life Maz Harwood signed up to years ago when she became a vet and she has never regretted it. But Maz’s good fortune doesn’t stop there. She also has a beautiful baby boy, George, and she will be marrying fellow vet Alex Fox-Gifford at Christmas. Frankly, though, life is not as rosy as it looks. Because between arranging the wedding, performing life-saving animal surgery, and taking care of George, Maz doesn’t have much time left for Alex, and even if she did, he’s working even harder than her so she rarely sees him. And as Alex won’t do anything to make life easier, Maz has decided that she will have to take matters into her own hands. But Maz’s solution has truly terrible consequences for them all, and as the wedding approaches, Maz realises that it will take a Christmas miracle to get her and Alex to the altar.