Family Matters

Represented by:
Laura Longrigg



Publication date:
April 2018

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When Lisa Baker’s wedding anniversary entirely slips her husband’s mind, she decides it’s time to put the va va voom back into her marriage. But everything in Lisa’s life seems to conspire against romance. Her headstrong teenage daughter, Jade, is increasingly difficult to handle, while her beautiful newborn baby, Chloe, brings the inevitable sleepless nights. Lisa’s more likely to be found in baggy T-shirts and comfy trousers than seductive outfits and alluring perfume. The one thing that is going well is Lisa’s cleaning business, Maids 4 U, which she runs with her best friend, Clare. And their curious mixture of clients is a constant source of entertainment. But when an attractive, slender blonde called Jacqui comes literally crashing into Lisa’s life, a dented car is the least of her worries…


With her sparkling and unique voice, Cathy Woodman captures the colour and chaos of family life... (she) is a real find.' Jill Mansell

'A refreshing contemporary romp... It's very astute.' Bookseller