Civvy Street

Represented by:
Laura Longrigg


Head of Zeus

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Susie Collins’s world falls apart when her husband, Mike, is made redundant by the army.  Suddenly they are no longer part of the regimental family, with all its support systems and protective hierarchy.  Life outside has never seemed so bleak. But worse is to come, when Susie learns that the family finances are in a much rockier state than she realised.  Their rebellious twin daughters will have to leave their fee-paying school for the local comprehensive and there will be almost no money left to buy a decent house. These are desperate times and Susie knows that she must find a job quickly.   But will the regiment really accept her back in the post of humble mess manager?  What will her friends think?  And how on earth will Mike and the girls cope?  Life is tough for newcomers on civvy street.

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