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Susan Smith


Seal Press

Publication date:
April 2001

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Seal Press

In this ground-breaking anthology, Ariel Gore and Bee Lavender ask real moms – from website designers to tattoo-clad waitresses – to laugh, cry, scream, and shout about motherhood.

Allison Crews fights to have a voice and be recognized as a teen mother. Angela Morrill eschews both doctors and midwife and gives birth at home. Kimberly Bright draws compelling comparisons between raising a toddler and having a psychotic boyfriend. For every young mom, Breeder offers inspiration, strength, wisdom, and humour. Contributors include Allison Crews, Beth Lucht, Ayun Halliday, Katie Granju, Peri Escarda, Allison Abner, and Kimberly Bright.

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