Client Journeys

Be inspired by the range of different ways our clients have achieved success with representation by MBA.

Alice Nutter

“Career wise, asking Diana to be my agent is the best move I ever made.”

I spent 20 odd years in the political pop band Chumbawamba secretly believing that I was a better writer than musician, not hard since I was a terrible musician. I left the band in 2005 to put this to the test. Unlike most would-be writers I was lucky …

Helen Keen

“Whether she's negotiating a complex sale with numerous publishers, or emailing me a link she knows I'd find interesting for a project I'm researching, Susan has a knack of getting things exactly right.”

After having written and performed a lot of comedy live and for Radio 4, and been a contributing writer on various TV projects, I wanted to branch out in new directions. Combining science and pop-culture had worked well for me, and I’d been lucky enoug …

Cathy Woodman, writing as Evie Grace.

“Along with the rest of the wonderful team at MBA, she has given me lots of editorial advice, negotiated contracts and become a great friend.”

When it comes to getting published, persistence definitely pays. As I set out on the long road to publication, writing seemed to be a very lonely business with rejection slips from agents and publishers dropping through the letterbox with unfailing pre …