Cathy Woodman, writing as Evie Grace.

“Along with the rest of the wonderful team at MBA, she has given me lots of editorial advice, negotiated contracts and become a great friend.”

When it comes to getting published, persistence definitely pays. As I set out on the long road to publication, writing seemed to be a very lonely business with rejection slips from agents and publishers dropping through the letterbox with unfailing predictability. After ten years of trying, working part-time as a small animal vet and bringing up my children at the same time, I was close to giving up, but in 2002, I had a lucky break when I won the Harry Bowling Prize.

At the award ceremony, I met Laura Longrigg of MBA who offered to represent me. When I went home late that evening, I felt as though I was floating on air. Waiting for the train at Waterloo Station, with a huge bouquet of flowers, a cheque and a bundle of Harry’s books in my arms, I called everyone I knew to let them know that I had an agent at long last, someone who really believed in my writing.

Not long ago when we met in London for lunch with my editor and publicist, Laura reminded me that she has been my agent and companion on my writer’s journey for fifteen years – that’s fourteen published novels and three more on the way.