White Chappell, Scarlet Tracings

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Laura Longrigg



Publication date:
April 2004

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US: Valancourt Books (2015)

‘A manifesto for a future literature that has more blood, more brains, and more mysterious beauty… Those who aspire to understand what is happening in modern writing should start here.’  Alan Moore, from the introduction to the US edition.

This brilliantly original debut novel was chosen as runner up for their prestigious Fiction Prize by the Guardian, whose critic said:  .. ‘Sinclair combines a sort of spiritual inquest or séance into the Whitechapel Ripper murders and the dark side of the late Victorian imagination with another plot-thread, done in  hectic picaresque, of a posse of seedy book dealers hot on the trail of obscure rarities of that period.’



'A work of integrity because it constantly takes serious risks... I only wish there was more writing like this.' Kathy Acker