When My Ship Comes In



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When My Ship Comes in   A charlady is challenged by her colleagues to become the first female manager in a factory town.  Her daughter wants the education she has been denied.          Standing in their way?  A husband, a baby and the 1950’s.   Essex, 1959.  When the Blundell family are evicted from the squalid tenements of Tilbury docks, they find work at Monday’s, a utopian factory town.   Flo Blundell is befriended by Maggie Monday, wife of the owner, who challenges her to do a man’s job and nurtures in her a dream to become the first female manager.   But Flo’s abusive husband Fred starts drinking again and jeopardises the family’s chance to escape poverty for good.  Their teenage daughter Jeanie resents her parents for denying her a grammar education and starts going to college in secret,  while her twin sister Babs falls in love and their sickly younger brother starts to thrive away from the damp lodgings of Tilbury. When Fred is fired by Monday’s,  Flo has to make a decision: does she keep the family together in squalor and abuse, or does she break them up and strive for a better life?   Paperback version will be available from April 2017.


"Wisher has produced a remarkable debut, a gritty rollercoaster story of love and loss, hardship and hope, family and friendship and an eye-opening reality check for a new generation of women, for whom such limited options in life are now, in the main, just part of history.
Her evocation of a past era, with its struggles and stresses, and her charismatic cast of assorted characters -  from lovable Flo to her more complex daughter Jeanie – are beautifully portrayed and make this a must-read for all women’s fiction fans, and for book clubs and discussion groups everywhere." - Lancaster Guardian
“When My Ship Comes in is simply a wonderful book which should be read by all women, to simply to be thankful for the lives us women can live today... we have so much to thank the many women who fought to survive and most important of all to succeed in a man's world.” – Amazon Review by Petra (5 stars)
“Sue is fantastic at bringing to life the far stricter social "codes" that existed 60 years ago. Really recommend this as a read for anyone interested in the evolution of equality, and of course as a superbly good read in itself.” – Amazon Review by LR (5 stars)

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