The White Mountain

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Diana Tyler


Fragile Books

Publication date:
June 2017

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Chung Kuo Book Eight

Currents of unrest and tides of innovation threaten to overwhelm Chung Kuo’s stability. When a lethal epidemic strikes the Seven’s chief supporters, Li Yuan acts ruthlessly to wipe out the disease. But his actions incur far more fatal consequences for the rule of the Seven.

While the great Council of emperors splinters into factions, Kwibesi, the detention camp for terrorists, continues to establish order. However, rebellion is brutally contained inside the camp and a growing sense of injustice stirs in one of its guards, Kao Chen, who – sent there undercover by his Master, Li Yuan – begins to question his sense of duty.

The Seven are now openly divided amongst themselves, while all about them allegiances are constantly shifting as each day brings new atrocities.

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