The Twilight Child

Represented by:
Sophie Gorell Barnes


Endeavour Press

Publication date:

It is 1942, and Clare is awaiting the birth of her first child. Her husband, Will, is away fighting, and, alone in their cottage in the Sussex village of Firlebury, she waits anxiously for news. Her worries increase when, accompanying the gift of an antique cradle, come mysterious visions of an older, darker, Firlebury. Then she meets Gabriel, a soldier like Will, who seems to offer the support and comfort she so desperately needs. In this twilight world of alluring beauty and brutal savagery, is she awake, or is she dreaming?When her son, Michael, is born, Clare realises the full power of the darkness stealthily surrounding her and her child. As the forces of an ancient evil gather about her with terrifying violence, it seems that the mysterious Gabriel alone can help — but only at the risk of jeopardizing everything she holds dear …