The Tilbury Poppies



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October 25th, 2018

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Essex, 1916

Lily is a housemaid up at St Clere’s Hall. But times are changing with the outbreak of war. With a husband bent on signing up for the trenches and a lecherous master of the house, Lily is forced to leave.
Doing her bit for the war effort – and bringing in more money for the family – Lily goes to work in a factory making explosives to send to the trenches. It’s a hard job. The munitionettes must face terrible working conditions, the constant danger of accidents and air strikes and a patronising, self-serving boss. And then someone she never wanted to see there arrives. Lady Charlotte, the pampered daughter of the Hall, joins the factory as a supervisor…

Lily and Charlotte have choices they never had before – but in the shadow of the Great War, can the factory girls work together for a better future?

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