The Sun Worshippers

Represented by:
Sophie Gorell Barnes


Endeavour Press

Publication date:

A Mystical Love Reborn … The long-awaited Grecian escape has finally arrived but when Fay Leary arrives in Corfu after nightfall with nowhere to go, she fears that the dream holiday planned for herself and her two young sons may quickly become a disaster. Her panic turns to surprise when she manages to secure local accommodation with ease at the airport with the mysterious ‘Bull-man’… The stranger offers them accommodation in the elegant Twins’ House whose namesakes, a handsome duo, smoothly take over the organisation of her trip. Then out of the shadows steps the mysterious Aaron, who rescues Fay from a seemingly innocent cultural evening which turns out to be a meeting of hostile strangers. Not only does he stir up a peculiar feeling of recognition inside Fay, but she feels strangely attracted to him. During the idyllic weeks of her holiday, Fay and her sons spend more and more time with Aaron and the twins and the suspicion that she is being drawn into something predestined begins to grow as the story of her own tragic past unfolds. It seems that Aaron is igniting something inside her she didn’t know existed. Fay realises she has entered a place where the past is reality, where two worlds overlap, where myth becomes more than a tale told in the dark …