The Seven Fires of Mademoiselle



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Set in sixties America, this is the story of Carlotta, a tomboyish young girl, the only child of diplomatic parents who spend their lives at parties. She spends her time instead with her stunning French au pair Mademoiselle who longs to find love but is following her own set of rules to discover the real man of her dreams. Imagine Carlotta’s surprise when this turns out to be not the stream of wealthy and handsome admirers who are always in hot pursuit but Nick Kowalski, the short fat ugly Chief of the Fire Brigade. There’s only one problem, he’s just not interested. There’s only one answer, Carlotta and Mademoiselle must get his attention by lighting harmless fires all over the city to ignite the flames of passion….. A warm, funny fairy tale romance which turns our expectations of love delightfully upside down.