The Pickle King

Represented by:
Sophie Gorell Barnes


Chicken House

Publication date:
May 7, 2009

Foreign rights controlled by:
Chicken House

Foreign rights sold:

Holland, Germany, India

Bea Klednik lives in Elbow, where it rains all summer. Most people leave to go somewhere sunny, but there are always a few misfit kids left behind who haven’t got money or parents. Because the friends they normally spend time with have gone, the school insists that they get together during the summer. Bea is desperate to leave Elbow, so she decides to enter a photography competition for a trip to Florida. But when Sam shows her a dead body he’s just found in a derelict house, something strange happens to her camera. The mystery deepens. Who killed the owner of the factory that makes Bea’s favourite chilli relish? Why is the last train to Elbow still stuck out of town, rusting on its tracks? What’s the mystery of the ring they’ve found, in the shape of a castle, and why are they being chased for it? The answers are rooted in the history of this Twin Peaks-ish town.

THE PICKLE KING won the Vienna Young Readers’ Jury Prize in 2011 – a title previously won by J.K. Rowling, Cornelia Funke and Philip Pullman.


‘Very original... A red-hot adventure.’
Mr Ripley's Reviews

‘A wicked sense of humour... A cracking debut’
Children's Bookseller