The Parental Advisory Manual

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Sophie Gorell Barnes


Bantam Press

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As if parenting wasn’t difficult enough, now every new, exhausted, poo-covered mum or dad feels duty bound to prop their eyes open with matchsticks and wade through endless parenting manuals instructing them how to be the perfect parent. Thankfully, however, Natasha Desborough, radio presenter, tv pundit and mum of two, is here to quell your feelings of inadequacy and discuss ‘real’ parenting, warts and all. Drawing on the experiences and confessions of real life mums and dads she uncovers the truth about life with children. She discusses an extraordinarily broad range of subjects including: replacement swear words to use in front of your children (Plaps, Twunt, Flufflenuff…); the advantages of using a Parkinson’s disease sufferer to get your baby to sleep; substitute Willy Names (and the top 5 places little boys have put their willies); the Language Of The Playgroup – what other mothers actually mean; substitute Fanny Names (Tuppence – is that all its worth?); and, what sex is really like after childbirth. At last struggling parents of the world can unite, rejoice and bathe in their inadequacies as a real-life parenting bible is born.

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