The Invisible Ones

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Diana Tyler



Publication date:
August 2011

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USA: Penguin Putnam
Italy: Einaudi
Poland: Sonia Draga
Brazil: Intrinseca
Norway: Bazar
Sweden: Bazar
Finland: Bazar
Holland: Prometheus

Paralysis and delirium. This is what PI Ray Lovell suffers after he writes off his car. He remembers nothing, least of all what drove him to it – Rose Janko. She had been missing for years and before the accident Ray promised her father he would find her. But her family seem reluctant to help. The Jankos, a close-knit Gypsy clan, have been plagued by tragedy. Perhaps they are cursed – or are they hiding something? Set in the 1980s in southern England, THE INVISIBLE ONES is a darkly compelling mystery about superstitions, secrets and lies from a matchless storyteller.


“A thoroughness underpins Penney’s atmospheric creation, and she is totally free from sentimentality” - The Independent

“Penney’s writing really excels" - The Sunday Times

“Its [The Invisible Ones] author is a supreme storyteller on top form” - The Times

“Penney’s approach to prose is cinematic and inclusive” - The Independent on Sunday

"Utterly absorbing, a convoluted and yet satisfying read that will keep readers guessing to the last page” - New York Journal Of Books

"Fast-paced, with characters who will live in full color inside the reader’s head, Penney delivers an impressive follow-up to her debut bestseller" - Publishers Weekly (US)

 “Completely brilliant…The Invisible Ones is a wonderfully told, intriguing mystery in a fascinating setting.” Emma Giacon, Amazon, in The Bookseller

“….This skill and dedication to her craft shines through...Penney has crafted an arresting tale that is engrossing and leaves space to amuse the reader” - The Big Issue

"'This is a murder mystery unpicked at the seams, turned inside out, and stitched together with threads of myth, old griefs, twisted forms of love and complex family ties into something utterly new and utterly enthralling" Tana French, author of THE LIKENESS and IN THE WOODS

"This novel pulses with film-noir-esque suspense" - People Magazine

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